Pulsed signal therapy (PST) is a technology that is being used widely in Europe and Canada to provide pain relief for people that have arthritis or various other injuries. It is now being used in the United States to help pets with various forms of pain including conditions like osteoarthritis and tendonitis.

Interestingly, the therapy merges traditional and non-traditional forms of medicine. The technology actually utilizes the body’s ability to heal itself. PST is a non-invasive therapy that promotes new bone and cartilage growth through the generation of a low-powered electrical field that mimics the body’s signal that helps to repair damaged tissues.

In addition to having no side effects, the proven science behind the PST make it even more appealing. Studies at Yale University of Medicine and in France, Italy and Germany demonstrate that 70% of human patients treated show significant improvement. (2 out of 3 patients actually get substantial relief). In addition to symptomatic relief, studies suggest that PST also treats the condition itself.

PST is a painless therapy that is delivered in nine-30 minute treatments to achieve the best results. Symptoms that a pet is having pain problems include limping, reluctance to climb steps, falling behind on walks, difficulty getting up, stiffness after exercise, licking of a joint, personality change, loss of appetite, or worsening of symptoms in cold or damp weather.

For pets contact: Dr. Tami Shearer, Sylva, NC, 828-586-3300
For people contact: The Vancouver Pulsed Signal Clinic, Canada, 604-732-5938.