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Rehabilitation and Pain Management Is As Helpful for Pet Patients As It Is for People Patients!

Many patients need a combination of rehabilitation and pain management tools in order to maintain, improve or slow the progression of disease. Most pets have an improved quality of life by adopting suggestions proposed by Dr. Shearer.  In working with pets, special attention is given to insure that no therapy is prescribed that would cause discomfort or stress to your pet. We strive to make the visit stress-free through environmental enrichment and positive reinforcement.

Rehabilitation is an important component of Physical Medicine.  Physical medicine helps to prevent and relieve distress in pets with a broad variety of conditions.  We recommend and include it in every treatment plan when possible.  Rehabilitation is necessary when health and mobility changes result in decreased activities and disrupt the normal routine.  Applying physical medicine and rehabilitation techniques with pets provides a new activity that caretakers can share with their pets and at the same time improve quality of life.

You can make your appointment directly with Dr. Tami Shearer or she can facilitate referral from your vet by contacting them on behalf of your pet.

Dr. Shearer is innovative and offers a plethora of modalities. She also excels as a diagnostician, not something easy to find in all my years of veterinarians. She and the staff are gentle and caring with both their clients and people. The clinic is low stress and that makes for more relaxed pets. My dogs love going to see Dr. Shearer!

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What Are The Goals of Rehabilitation For Your Pet?

  • Relief of pain
  • Maintain or improve strength

  • Decrease scar tissue

  • Decrease muscle tension

  • Improve circulation

  • Improve range of motion

  • Return to function and performance

  • Speed recovery time

  • Prevent surgery

  • Improve quality of life

How Does Dr. Shearer’s State of the Art Rehabilitation Equipment Serve Your Pet’s Needs Best?

We invest heavily in the best and latest equipment to better serve our pet patients.  With our in-office equipment we are able to offer these advanced kinds of therapy treatments.

  • Therapy laser: works at the cellular level to control pain, inflammation, and speeds healing
  • Pulsed signal therapy: enables the body to heal and produce cartilage

  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy: treats non-healing fractures, tendons and ligaments, wounds and osteoarthritis

  • Hydrotherapy whirlpool: allows early return to function through swimming

  • Pulsed electromagnetic therapy: produces current that stimulates he body to heal

  • Therapeutic ultrasound: relaxes plus warms muscles and stimulates wound healing

  • Neuromuscular stimulation unit: helps to maintain muscle tone and re-educate nerves

  • Electrostimulation unit: functions to manage pain

  • Vet-lite support exercise system with land treadmill: provides mobility therapy for pets with weakness, pain or neurological disorders

  • Hydrocollator: provides warm moist heat therapy for muscle relaxation

  • Therapy steps: builds strength and return to function

  • Gulick measuring tape and goniometers: used to objectively measure response to treatment

  • Caveletti’s: builds strength and gait training

  • Balance board: helps build strength and maintain balance

  • Therapy balls: helps build strength and maintain balance

Treatment Comfort at Our Office – You’ll Notice The Difference As Soon As You Arrive!

Our comfortable treatment rooms feature couches and cushions, non-slip flooring, a little soft music and even peheromones if your pet needs help to relax.  Couches are for pets and their owners, it’s true!

What’s Your Next Step?

Learn more about What Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is about in this blog post.

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