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Veterinary Palliative & Hospice Care: Making Your Pet Comfortable

Dr. Shearer’s passion to care for older patients and patients that need palliative or hospice care is very clear the moment you arrive at her clinic with your pet. She has dedicated her life to include over 1000 hours of advanced continual education to obtain certifications to improve the quality of life of her patients.

  • DVM – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine since 1986
  • CCRP – Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner
  • CVPP – Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner
  • CVA – Certified Veterinary Acupuncture
  • CHPV- Certified Veterinary Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian

At this current time, we know of no other veterinarian in the world who possesses this unique combination of certifications and training to help your pets.

Dr. Shearer created curriculum for the Chi Institute for veterinarians to become Certified TCVM Palliative and End of Life Practitioners. She also was one of four IAAHPC Task Force members that created the Certified Hospice and Palliative Veterinarian Certification course.

She started the first Pet Hospice Center in the country in Columbus, Ohio in 2004.  Her forward thinking has prompted national and international exposure through her lecturing and feature articles since that 2004 article in the Washington Post. She also has authored chapters on hospice care in veterinary textbooks and lectured at the First International Veterinary Hospice Symposium. She is the creator of the 5 Step Hospice Care Plan for Pets.

Palliative and pet hospice services have recently become more popular because of advancements in veterinary medicine that allow for better end-of-life care. The ability to manage pain and the side effects of disease is better than ever before.

  • Palliative care is defined as providing comfort by treating the side effects of a disease.
  • Pet hospice offers quality end of life care for pets that are terminally, chronically ill, or mobility challenged. As part of the hospice philosophy, emotional support is provided to help pet owners cope with an upcoming loss and to provide help after the pet passes away.

How Do You Know If You Need Palliative or Hospice Care?

Any of these conditions apply to your pet:

  • A decision not to pursue curative treatments
  • Diagnosis of a terminal illness.
  • Diagnosis of a chronic illness.
  • Symptoms of a chronic illness are interfering with the routine of the pet.
  • Disease process where curative treatment was possible, but failed.

  • Problems that require long-term intensive care.
  • Illnesses that are progressive in their disease trajectory.
  • Diseases or traumas that have health complications associated with them.

Dr. Shearer is available to help design a personalized plan to help insure that a pet is kept comfortable.

You can make your appointment directly with Dr. Shearer or she can facilitate referral from your vet by contacting them on behalf of your pet.

Dr. Tami and her staff are the most caring and compassionate individuals in their field. When my Scottie had incurable cancer I took him to Dr. Tami, she extended our time together by paying close attention to Max and giving him everything she could. Even when we were expecting a snow storm, Dr Tami took my number home and called to check on Max. I know that even in the end Max was treated with compassion and love. I suggest Shearer Pet Clinic for anyone that wants the best for their fur children. I can honestly say I love these people. Highly recommend.

Kathie McGimsey